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Hot TV Wrestling

Results of
HOT TV WRESTLING on November 15 in Clearwater, Florida at Grass Flats

The voice of Florida wrestling Shannon Rose was the host of the day's big event.

A. The Born to Ride Tag Team Champions The Heartbreak Express made a challenge to anyone that wanted to fight them which was answered by two young wrestlers in training that were there to help with the ring. It was a big mistake on their part as The HBX took no mercy on them and put a ruthless beating on them finally pinning them after five minutes of punishment however they refused to stop beating them after the bell until the biker crowd's favorite wrestlers The Highwaymen ( Butch Long, Marc Mandrake and Donnie York) hit the ring lead by everyone's favorite three pack a day smoking, cheap liquor drinking man Star Stevens and the sexy Ferrari.

They made a challenge to The Heartbreak Express to fight two of them later in the day for the Born to Ride Tag Team Championship. After much banter back and forth The Heartbreak Express agreed to the match which Hot TV Wrestling owner Nasty Ronnie deemed would be a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight Match!!!!

1. TJ Perkins defeated Jaison Moore in a 2 out of 3 Falls CLASSIC Technical Battle

2. Michael Patrick beat Maxwell Chicago

3. 7 Foot Monster Lou Cypher destroyed Ronnie the Red with a vicious choke slam

4. Leva defeated Lucky O' Shea in an action packed battle of the beauties

5. Butch Long with Star Stevens beat Ray "Killing Machine" Snow in a bloody and violent brawl to become the new Born to Ride Hardcore Champion

6. Kahagas defeated Steve "MOOSE" Madison in an extremely hard hitting and athletic battle....the finish was controversial again as in their first battle Kahagas managed to use the kendo stick to knock Madison out allowing him to get the pin after referee Josh Rich was temporarily knocked out of the ring on an accidental collision.

7. In one of the wildest and craziest matches ever seen in Pinelas County Florida, The Highway Men (Donnie York and Marc Mandrake) with Star Stevens and Ferrari beat The Heartbreak Express in a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight match to become the new Born to Ride Tag Team Champions.

Words can hardly describe the mayhem that went on in this match as three out of the four men lost extreme amounts of blood and the ringside area despite the use of Forks, Chairs, a Ladder and a Barbed Wire 2 x 4 was not enough to contain this action as ALL 4 MEN BATTLED ALL THE WAY ONTO BUSY 49TH STREET!! Traffic was stopped in both directions as the bloody competitors hit each other with road signs and attempted pins right on the busy road. Despite freaked out pedestrians calling 911 the fight continued back past the ringside area and into the outside restaurant area where fans were attempting to eat while watching the event. Well that are soon as almost completely destroyed as chairs and tables were over turned and used as heavy weapons on each other by the wrestlers. At one point a thick 70lb table was broken over the back of Marc Mandrake by Sean Davis while at the same time Donnie York climbed to the top of the Tickie Hut where he did a cross body press onto Phil Davis for a near fall right in the dining area.

Eventually the four men made their way to the ring where after Mandrake and Sean Davis busted heads together knocking each other out Donnie York managed to hit Phil Davis with a flap jack on a chair provided by Ferrari to get the 1, 2, 3 to the delight of the fans.

This is the kind of wild and crazy action you will see whenever Nasty Ronnie presents Hot TV Wrestling so if you weren't there don't ever miss out again!!

Check out hottvwrestling.com for upcoming pictures and video of this event plus news on the next HOT TV WRESTLING Live Event!!!

Also watch Born To Ride TV for match highlights soon!!!


at Wild Wing Cafe

On behalf of Nasty Ronnie and the rest of the staff at Hot TV Wrestling I want to thank everyone that came out and worked the event last night and that supported us by buying a ticket to the event.

While the paid attendance was less than stellar there was still a hot crowd of around 75 that seemed to REALLY enjoy themselves and I think we set the foundation last night for an exciting run for the new Hot TV Wrestling.

Again I REALLY want to thank all of the boys including wrestlers, referees, announcers, sound guy (thanks fan!) and ring crew that ALL busted their asses to make sure that every person watching was treated to a fantastic event. You guys are ALL true professionals who are appreciated more than you can imagine and you will all be rewarded in the long run for your hard work last night.


1. Anthony Devlin defeated Donnie York

2. Jaison Moore beat TJ Perkins in an incredible technical match. I honestly heard more than one person say this was a four to five star match and was considered by most to be the match of the night which again is saying something as EVERY match was excellent! Nasty Ronnie was so impressed he right away signed a rematch between these two for October 20 in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match!!!

3. Bruce Santee defeated Moonshine McKoy

4. Superstar Sean Davis, Sensational Scott Davis and Naughty Nick Fame beat The James Brothers and Butch Long in a WILD six man tag match. Nothing was settled in this match and the challenge was made and accepted for an old school BUNKHOUSE TAG MATCH between these six wrestlers on October 20! That means ANYTHING GOES and whatever you wear to the ring can be used as a legal WEAPON!

5. Ray Beez soundly defeated DR X

6. KAHAGAS beat Steve Madison in a VERY controversial decision....after the match Madison gave TWO vicious pile drivers to referee Star Stevens. While we can't condone Madison's post match antics and he was hit with a VERY high fine for injuring an official of Hot TV Wrestling we do recognize his reasons for being so upset with the finish and have granted him his wish for a rematch with KAHAGAS on October 20. Special stipulation to be announced!

7. Ray "Killing Machine" Snow defeated The Sheik with Big Daddy JJ by DQ in an INCREDIBLY Hard Hitting and WILD Main Event Match as referee Adam Reyes had no choice but to disqualify The Sheik as his devious manager Big Daddy JJ handed Sheik his Golden Spike as things got a bit too hot for him. He then proceeded to stab Ray Snow with the Spike until he was a bloody mess! Officials begged for The Sheik to end the carnage which he refused so one by one several wrestlers from the dressing room were sent to the ring to try to stop The Sheik from possibly killing Ray Snow however each one of them were brutally beaten down by The Sheik one by one until the ringside area resembled a multi car Highway collision with injured bodies lying everywhere.

Finally the only man who may strike fear into the black heart of The Sheik entered the ring and The Sheik finally retreated. That man was Bruce Santee!!! He entered the ring with a beer bottle in hand and The Sheik and Big Daddy JJ knew it was time to head for the hills. Santee then challenged The Sheik to a match on October 20 saying he will represent the USA and drive the evil Sheik back to his homeland.

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